City Retreat

TEAMS have been working on multiple projects in Leicester over the last few years helping multiple worthy causes We would like to introduce to all of our donors and well wishers an amazing new initiative set in the heart of leicester that will provide an inviting, warm, and vibrant space in the heart of Leicester City centre which welcomes people of all walks of life to live, discover, explore, and share meaning, so fostering a sense of shared humanity, better understanding, and mutual appreciation.

Why does the Centre Exist?

  • To be the model center which shows values core to faithtdesiring the greatest good for Humanity; a concern borne out of love.
  • To promote community cohesion and create a better understanding between all communities.
  • Be a forum for people of all or no faith to learn about and discuss our purpose
  • Create a space to live, discover, explore, share and show faith.
  • A center for education both formal and informal

Target Framework for Services

  • Services to alleviate poverty in Leicester
  • Social and Community Support
  • Showcase and Discussion points
  • Spiritual Retreat or Point of Reflection
  • Education

The Building – 72-74 Churchgate, Leicester, LE1 4AL

The building is currently being cleared out and needs to undergo substantial work. we need your help to get this project to delivery.

Donate Now

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