TEAMS stands for Together Everyone Achieves More Success. The TEAMS initiative was setup by members of the community who felt that more needed to be done to bring the communities to work together to tackle issues that are common to us all.

TEAMS is dedicated to supporting credible causes in the UK and overseas. Our core focus is to support in the removal of poverty, poor or no education. Help people who are in crises around the world and bring communities together across religious and cultural divides.

The goal isn’t innovative but the method and operation of TEAMS is aiming to differentiate from other organisations. TEAMS aims to create sustainability in the projects it delivers, we aim to create long term solutions to problems.

Over time TEAMS goal is to help individuals in the community to setup organisations that will aim to give back back to the communities they operate in. This can be in the UK and overseas. This will help support charitable projects and make them more sustainable.

See our wheel for a more pictorial representation of the areas we aim to operate in.

If you are interested in TEAMS or want to get involved in the work we do please contact us on info@teams-ltd.org

Teams Wheel


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