TEAMS Students Day and what they said


 TEAMS Together Everyone Achieves More Success22 June 2010

“The whole packaging industry was well explained and it helped me to understand the industry in more depth.” Anisah Ikleriya Yr 10

“It is not just beneficial for you Graphics skills but also can help you on your business and Geography skills.” Jaspreet Banning Yr 10

“A great experience, a first person perspective of the production process. I learnt the materials used, the machining and how it worked. With some great advice on Adobe Illustrator I was able to view my future career. ” Ruhale Ali Yr 10

29 June 2010

“I enjoyed the trip and learnt a lot about packaging.” Priya Jesaji Yr 10

“I enjoyed the trip and most of all I enjoyed the process of packaging.” Hiral Karavadra Yr 10

“I learnt a lot about one of the largest package producers. After having a tour around the manufacture part of the building I had a go on the excellent software, at designing a product. A great trip.” Jibran Ali Yr 10

“I learnt a lot about packaging and generally enjoyed the trip. Thumbs up to the car!” Soheb Mundhai Yr 10

“I learnt that there is a very involved and long process in making something as simple as a pack of crisps.” Thomas Howard Yr 10

“A great trip I enjoyed it and learnt a lot.” Nikesh Sinhal Yr 10

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