TEAMS Feeds Families and provides sustainable means in Fasting Month (Ramadhan) 2014

Ladies and gentlemen the blessed month of ramadhan is upon us again and we pray the lord Allah swt gives us all the strength to see it through. Here in the uk we will endure some of the longest fasts on the planet and as you will recall from last year it’s not going to be easy. However God willing the reward will be great.

Reflecting further on last year we have to be grateful that we only endure one month of this test. There are others in the world, the poor and destitute who endure this everyday many of whom are our fellow brothers and sisters not forgetting children.

This year teams is launching another project to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

For a single meal for 4 at a restaraunt you can feed a family for a month, yes a whole month. You will be giving a whole family something to eat for suhr and Iftar. That’s right the 2 hours you spend at restaraunt is worth a family having something to eat or suhr and Iftar for this blessed month.

A mother will be able to eat with her children and not worry that there isn’t enough food for her!!!

For the price of 2-3 cans of coke you can provide a water container for a family a clean water container from which children can drink.

A bicycle which means someone doesn’t have to spend money on transport or walk for miles to get work, drinking water can be transported easier and quicker.

A sewing machine which can put an entire family on the road to self sufficiency

A solar lantern which means a mother doesn’t have to sit in complete darkness with her children not to mention not having to buy kerosene.

We have to grateful for what Allah swt has given us, a small donation is the answer to a prayer for many. And the rewards are great for the hereafter

Further Details:

Food – £35 (approx 1month+ supply for a family).
Solar lanterns – £20 (ALL FULFILLED)
Bicycle to get water, travel to work and school – £51 (CURRENTLY ALL FULFILLED)

Sewing machine – £39 to help repair and make clothes and do business for themselves. (ALL FULFILLED)

Water container to carry drinking water – £2
Thermos to save energy from reheating water and food – £9

Fidya £2 per day per person (£60 for the month), Kafarah £120 per day per missed fast

Donate directly to TEAMS… Ref: “Ramadhan 2014” HSBC sort code: 40-35-37, Account: 81508598.

For further information contact: Saleem Sheikh (Bob) 07909742010, Mohamed Y Vhora 07894669054 or Iqbal Shariff 07411295655.

2014 Ramadhan Distribution

2014 Ramadhan Distribution






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