This is how we got involved:

Mohamed Vhora with other TEAMS supportersMyself and and my wife were thinking how we could help the people in the devastated areas and with the guidance and support of a local charity called the Midlands Doctors Association we found that there was an opportunity to get much needed supplies through a free cargo service that is being provided by Pakistan International Airlines.

We initially started to spread the word in my home town Leicester and were amazed at the response we got so have decided to branch out to get further support.

We did the first operation from home and paid all additional costs or expenses to ensure 100% of the donations/supplies reach the people.

As the operation grew we got to use the premises at the LAYA centre and teamed up with a group of local youngsters who gave up their time for this cause and the Leicester Memon Association and also voiced a plea on FMO radio.

Box going to Flood relief in PakistanSo far thousands of people are believed to have been killed by the floods in Pakistan. In total, roughly 20 million people are thought to have been affected.

These floods have destroyed the lives of thousands of families, washing away entire villages and leaving millions of survivors suffering with little food or shelter.

The floodwaters have washed away millions of hectares of crops, submerged villages and destroyed roads and bridges.

Workers loading boxes in aid of Pakistan FloodsDisease is spreading among Pakistani flood victims, and there have been warnings that dams in the south may burst.

To date we have sent 1100 food parcels with the help of people in leicester and the surroundings. Local businesses and people have provided great support.

We still need your help .

Check out my justgiving page:

or the page for MDA UK

I would like to say a big Thank You to all for their support but especially:

Sarfraz Hussain, Ali Hussain, Farhan Chaudhary, Sabiha Ashraf, Saima Ashraf, Abrar Jakura. Bashir Ismail, Muhammad Uzair Kassim, Ismail Ismail, Abdul Karim Ismail, Inaayat Kassim & Khaleel Kassim. Ismail Sidat and Family. Ibrahim Vhora, Wasim Bharuchi, Umer Sidat, Gulam and Asma Vhora, Malik Family, Eram and Family, Yasmin Contractor and Family.

Business that helped us.

Pak Foods, Najeeb and Sons, Clifton Packaging,Tyresoles and carsales team. Baby Planet, Quality Clothing,

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