TEAMS walk for Disabled Children – Green Walkers 2013

There are over eleven million people with a limiting long term illness, impairment or disability in Great Britain. Around 6 per cent of this population are disabled children.

Menphys provide a phenomenal service for children and there families. They provide specialist nurses for supporting children with special needs, an outreach service through the phone and on a one to one basis. Sports services, clubs and buddy services.

When Bob (Saleem) heard about the charity and the services it provides he wanted to mobilise teams and its supporters to help out. The first opportunity to do this was the Menphys Walk.

TEAMS took part in the walk first in 2012 and in 2013, joined by a keen team of supporters. In 2012 the walk was also joined by the late Shamim (who was in the late stages of Cancer) who is Bobs mother, she sadly passed away in 2013 was very keen on the work done by Menphys.

The walk is 8.5 miles around a predetermined route through the outskirts of Leicester and ia invaluable in raising funds for Menphys. In 2013 Menphys raised nearly £5,000 of which £1,000.99 was raised by TEAMS.

See link to Menphys website and gallery.


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