TEAMS Charity Dinner & Awareness Evening for Macmillan & LOROS

LOROS & McMillan Nurses

In memory of Hajjan Imtiaz Begum Sheikh

Event was titled: YOU ARE NOT ALONE

TEAMS carried out a fundraising event in support for both of these charities. This was an inspiring idea taken from one of our key TEAMS supporters; the late Hajjan Imtiaz Begum Sheikh (Shamim) may her soul rest in peace. Shamim sadly passed away on 8th November 2012. Prior to her passing she used the facilities and services of these two organisations as she went through her terminal illness.

In Summer of 2012 TEAMS felt that we should do something for the local community and these very special organisations. Both these organisations welcomed the concept of having a charity dinner and awareness evening.TEAMS was once again put into action.

Toni Singh, ambassador for LOROS, spoke highly of the event and praised TEAMS’ efforts for putting on a positive event especially within the Asian community. They appreciated that TEAMS made the effort to bring other organisations together and share out the donation. The donations were received by Anjana from LOROS and Jo from McMillan nurses *see pictures). The funds are now being used for patient beds at LOROS hospice and the provision of patient information at the Leicester Royal Infirmary Macmillan information center.

The Lord Mayoress and previous Lord Mayor of Leicester who was also a key speaker at the event who spoke highly of TEAMS efforts as not only did it raise valuable funds for these charities but it also helped community cohesion

Hajjan Imtiaz was overwhelmed with the event.

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