Malawi Farming for a Future Charity Dinner raises in excess of £52k

TEAMS was approached by Islamic Relief regarding a project in Malawi in the summer of 2013 due to the continued effort and difference TEAMS are making in the Horn of Africa.

After hearing about the long term benefits and sustainability TEAMS jumped on board in trying to create awareness and also to host a launch dinner in Leicester.

The project is truly fantastic, since the recession of Tobacco due to the health awareness in the west, many Malawians have been sitting on land that is being put to no use. this is where Islamic Relief came in. through there efforts and work they produced and started the delivery of a fantastic farming project. Water is channeled down mountains into a reservoir which s kept clean by specially selected fish livestock. the fish which are farmed are used for food, the water is used for drinking and irrigation for crops that are farmed next to the reservoir. by creating excess volume of food and water it can be used to sell on into markets which drives income. in addition there are other products and services required to get these products to market which helps create a micro economy.

The launch event held at Koyla in Leicester was a huge success, the total pledges reached fifty two thousand pounds.

See the Islamic Relief video for further details of the project:


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