Ramadhan 2012 – TEAMS Supply Ration to Most Needy


Leg 1 of feeding the most needy and vulnerable families in Africa starts.

TEAMS starts to distribute food to rural villages in Africa where limited or no support is reaching.

You can feed a family of 5 people for one month for £40.

Ration includes:

12.5kg of Rice

5kg of Red Beans

5kg of Maize Flour

8kg of Home Baking Flour

1kg of Dates

1kg of Salt

250gms of Powder Milk

5kg of Sugar

500gms of Tea Leaves

1kg of Margarine

Donate your Zakaat, Lillah or Sadaqah today directly to TEAMS, HSBC BANK, account number: 81508598, sort code: 40-35-37 Ref: Ramadhan 2012