TEAMS supports over 8,000 families during Africa Drought

Over 13 million people were and are still affected by the drought in the Horn of Africa. Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia and other parts of the region have had the worst drought in over 60 years. Millions of people have moved from their homes to camps which are now overpopulated.

One of the worst affected areas is war stricken Somalia where we have seen people travel for multiple days on foot to source food for their family. Many people have died on the way, innocent children, men and women are still suffering so we still need people to support this cause.

TEAMS charity division decided to step into action and we started collecting funds through a number of events held during August and September 2011. We worked together with a number of local groups who were also involved in the same relief effort.

In total we have raised in excess of £26k, most of which has already been distributed in person by Saleem Sheikh and Adil Mohammed. We also supported the International Hospital Equipment Trust through Day and Night Pharmacies who donated a pallet full of antibiotics, nutrition supplements and other important medications. This was distributed in rural parts of Kenya by Suresh Chauhan and Zaffar Haq.


Click to watch our relief efforts in Africa

The distribution in Africa was done through partnering with local organisations whom arranged logistics on our behalf. The journey was done in 5 legs. In total food distribution hit approximately 8300 families, which is around 24,000 people. each food pack depending on where it was distributed will last between 2-6 weeks. 2 weeks for those in camps and around 6 weeks for those in the villages. Leg 1 was Dadaab, Leg 2 was Marsabit and then a 7 day trip from Marsabit, working through affected villages through to the south. Leg 3 was Kiserian where a local contact distributed the foods on our behalf, Leg 4 was Kitengela and Leg 5 was the Mama Ngina children’s home.

Saleem described what he had seen “It was difficult seeing so many people suffering, there is huge poverty in Africa, no food, water, medication and basic sanitation available to so many people, we need to support organisations working out there” Adil described the situation as “desperate, many people have travelled for hundreds of kilometers to camps or sources of food and many have lost their children on their way. Imagine if your kids had to travel 2-300 kms to get basic foods, we would put day and night together if these were our children. Let us support where we can”.

Please remember the situation continues and TEAMS are now looking to support a second phase of this project and look at building water wells with the help of our donors.

If you would like to donate please contact or donations direct into the account can be made using the following details. sort code 40-35-37 account: 81508598

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