TEAMS at Holocaust Memorial in Leicester


Saleem Shaikh Reading @ HMD OadbyBob Sheikh and I (Mohamed Vhora) today attended a memorial event at the Oadby Peace Memorial Park marking the anniversary of the Holocaust. It was great to see such a mix of people from the various communities. Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Jewish, Christian and many more.

The event was attended the Lord Mayor, Manzoor Moghul, Zafar Haq & Jeffery Hoffman who gave a reading in Hebrew.
There were further readings on the day one of which was from our very own Saleem Shaikh which was very good and well received. He addressed everyone with the Islamic Greeting and talked a little about the todays atrocities happening all over the world, Bosnia, Dafur and Rwanda, to name a few. He also quoted from Surah al Maaidah ( Chpter 5 verse 32) and the guidance given in the Quran by the almighty “killing another human is like killing humanity and saving a human life is like saving the lives of all humanity”. We also talked about Ashwictz and liberation and how tthe 27th of January has been set by the United Nations as Holocaust Memorial with a focus on educating today’s youth so that such incidients are not repeated ever again….I ask if the modern world has learnt?

The Key sense at the event was that people from all the communities felt that we needed to work together more closely regardless of cast and creed and we should do more to make a stand against modern day atrocities we see mainly being driven by western powers and governements.
Saleem Shaikh at County Hall
Manzoor Moghul gave a heart felt reading and stated that “one that does not learn from the lessons of the past will most certainly commit his act again” and gave reference to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Earlier in the day Bob Shiekh also attended the opening ceremony at the County Hall. (2nd picture)

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